Wednesday, March 05, 2008

the jiggly-bounce

I was just uploading some photos to Flickr... watching the little pink rule slide to the right, then disappear by fading downward, and up pops a little green check-mark. As it pops, it bounces a couple times before settling down to a mundane existence as a "life's all good" symbol for a successful photo upload.

Watching these arrows appear one after the other during my recent upload made me think - the jiggly bounce seems to be everywhere these days. When a program on my MacBook Pro needs attention, it throws a mini digital temper tantrum by bouncing up and down - the jiggly bounce.

We are, perhaps, in the era of the jiggly bounce. Flash animators and computer interface designers: could you please come up with a new gimmick? I've grown tiresome of the jiggly bounce. It bounces, you bounce, we all bounce. How about the shimmy?

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